What I’m doing now.

(Hat tip Derek Sivers.)

Taking the stairs.

Getting psyched about Cal Newport’s book Digital Minimalism, which goes on sale next Tuesday.

Deep into editing two manuscripts for this fall, one on machine learning and design by John Maeda and the other on the outsized power of stillness by Ryan Holiday.

Reading Less by Andrew Sean Greer. The Morocco chapter is everything.

Read but still pondering Asta’s Book by Ruth Rendell, writing as Barbara Vine. She’s basically Gillian Flynn meets Agatha Christie and how is she still not a household name? The world is not fair.

Thinking hard about this speech on fiction and identity politics by Lionel Shriver and still attempting to get everyone I know to read The Mandibles.

You should read The Mandibles.

There are several books about childhood, parenting, motherhood specifically, and women and power on my nightstand. They might stay there for a while.

Waking up to the horrifying realization that the London Book Fair is only six weeks away.

Making baby food with olive oil, cumin, lentils, and garlic.

Feb 2, 2019